Professionals in Ultra-Precision Molds and Molding


A small size Connecting
to the future

Overwhelming mold precision reliably
improves the quality of the products

We are aiming to achieve giga-class production capacity
and our plants are operating 24 hours
a day to support a stable supply


We want to continue to be small but "extremely high level"

Not many people see the products we handle.
We make fingertip-sized plastic products, such as the connectors and gaskets that connect very small parts inside precision equipment.
These are our company's main products. No matter how small the part is, there can be absolutely no compromise in the technology used.
Each individual molded product measuring just a few microns produces "safety" and "durability" that support and enrich people's lives. We believe that we must be sincere about our products at all times. That is at the core of our manufacturing technology and we believe it is why we are able to continue to support many plastic products today.
Since its founding, ESTOH has worked in fields that are considered to be technically difficult and has taken on the challenge of designing and producing molds and performing injection molding for precision plastic products. Through the production of gaskets and other EV-related products, we will prioritize our reliable technology and our stance of enjoying change and will continue to provide a comfortable life, security and safety for people around the world in order to grow as a company that is chosen by our customers.
I thank you for your continued support and patronage.

代表取締役社長 中村 憲治

President and Representative Director CEO
Kenji Nakamura

Our Mission(Philosophy)

We will continue to provide parts solutions business
that is selected by our customers in order to support the comfortable
lives of people and the environment of the Earth.


Established in Ikuno Ward, Osaka City
Started production of connectors and coin cell gaskets
Development of degassing metal
Started integrated mold production starting from design
Started production of cylindrical lithium-ion battery gaskets
Development of square lithium ion battery gaskets
Started operations at Hirano Plant
ISO 14001 certification
ISO 9001 certification
Completed the new Hirano Plant
Development and installation of molding and
automatic inspection equipment
Completion of no-dust room at the Hirano Plant
Started operations at the Joto Plant
Completed showroom at the Hirano Plant
IATF 16949 certification


  • 01 Sales and Development Support
  • 02 Designing Mold
  • 03 Manufacturing Molds
  • 04 Injection Molding
  • 05 Quality Inspections

01.Sales and development support

We carefully listen to the product specifications required by the customer. We make a proposal using the know-how accumulated at ESTOH so far, and confirm the customer's intention in a meeting.We then propose the optimal direction for the manufacturing.

02.Mold planning and design

One strength of ESTOH is the fast speed at which we move from planning to design and the start of production.
Our designs bring together all our unique know-how regarding aspects such as runners, cooling and gas removal and make cost reduction possible.

03.Mold production

We produce high performance, long-life precision molds.
Our tolerance range for precision in the main parts is only 2 µm.
We fully utilize our technology, which we have continued to improve by being strict about precision.

04.Injection molding

We perform the high-cycle mass production of high-quality and high-precision products.
We have also established a production system that can respond quickly to requests such as "We want to change the shape".

05.Quality inspection

We implement an inspection system that goes even further than the high quality requirements of our customers.
The result of this has been the achievement of zero external claims.


Compact size


The reduction in the size of items such as personal computers and smartphones has created demand for molding technologies for very small sizes. ESTOH has succeeded in the mass production of gaskets for automotive lithium-ion batteries with a precision of 1/1000 mm.

Mass production


We operate state-of-the-art molding machines to produce precision injection molded products at high speed, 24 hours a day. We have production facilities that can stably supply more than 400 million high-quality plastic products per month.

High quality


Our quality policy is to "Provide peace of mind for our customers" and we have a thorough inspection line with high detection performance. We perform high-level quality checks by using state-of-the-art three-dimensional measuring equipment, tool microscopes, automatic measuring instruments, and dedicated jigs with 1/1000 mm precision.

Quality Management

We acquired ISO 14001 certification in July 2004 and ISO 9001 certification in March 2005. Furthermore, in 2021, we acquired the "IATF 16949" international standard certification for quality management systems, which is specifically for the automobile industry.
We are also considering ESG investment that will create value unique to ESTOH in order to respond to social needs such as SDGs. From now on, we will continue to offer quality that satisfies our customers as we also promote environmentally friendly business activities.

ISO9001 Quality System Registration Certificate
Registration Identification Number:10395525
Date of initial registration:March 9, 2005
ISO14001 Environmental System Registration Certificate
Registration Identification Number:10299469
Date of initial registration: July 3, 2004


Head Office Plant

Head Office Plant


  • 3-6-17 Tatsumihigashi, Ikuno-ku,
    Osaka(544-0014), Japan
  • TEL:+(81)-6-6753-3588 FAX:+(81)-6-6753-3587

Hirano Plant

Hirano Plant


  • 4-4-6 Kamikita, Hirano-ku,
    Osaka(547-0001), Japan
  • TEL:+(81)-6-6795-6035 FAX:+(81)-6-6795-6037

Joto Plant

Joto Plant


  • 4-2-29 Imafukunishi, Joto-ku,
    Osaka(536-0004), Japan
  • TEL: +(81)-6-4255-8088 FAX: +(81)-6-4255-8089


The "ESTOH" name embodies the idea that we should
"Get ahead of the times with creativity and enthusiasm".


Privacy Policy

ESTOH Co., Ltd. (hereinafter the “Company”) has established this Privacy Policy in order to systematically ensure appropriate handling of personal information, based on the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (hereinafter “Personal Information Protection Act”).

  1. Basic Policy

    The Company will appropriately handle the personal information of customers, business partners, job applicants, and other entities (hereinafter “Customers”) in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act and other regulations.
  2. Purpose of Use of Personal Information

    The Company will use personal information provided by Customers within the bounds of the following purposes of use in the course of its businesses relating to the manufacturing of molds and the molding of plastic products.
    • a. Responding to inquiries
    • b. Carrying out the confirmation and contact needed to provide products and services ordered
    • c. Market research and development of new products and services
    • d. Making notifications about events such as exhibitions and seminars
    • e. Services sent by e-mail and sending publications, etc.
    • f. Contacting job applicants or
    • g. Carrying out other work related to the business of the Company
  3. Implementation of Safety Measures

    By implementing necessary and appropriate safety measures, the Company will strive to both prevent and rectify leaks, loss, or damage of personal information. For example, the Company uses security technologies (such as encryption via secure sockets layer/transport layer security) in our network systems in order to prevent unauthorized access to, falsification of, and leakage of personal information. In addition, the Company will provide in-house training and awareness promotion activities regarding the handling of personal information as well as monitor employees and contractors that handle personal information as necessary and appropriate.
  4. Disclosure, Revision, Cessation of Usage, Etc. of Personal Information

    If the Company receives a request from a Customer to disclose, revise, stop using, or erase personal information regarding that Customer, the Company will deal with the request as soon as is reasonably possible after having confirmed the identity of the Customer.
  5. Revisions to the Privacy Policy

    The Company may revise this Privacy Policy in order to comply with laws, policies, guidelines, etc. related to the protection of personal information. The Company will notify Customers on its website if this Privacy Policy is revised.
  • Date established: Nov 1, 2019
  • Kenji Nakamura,
  • President and Representative Director,
  • ESTOH Co., Ltd.
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