Professionals in Ultra-Precision Molds and Molding


Leveraging 1/1000 mm ultra-precision technology
to lead the plastics molding field

Achieving ultra-precision through optimization
technology for molds and molding

Supporting manufacturing in cutting-edge
industries from behind the scenes


ESTOH deals in everything from the manufacturing of ultra-precise plastic products to molds
ESTOH carries out the full-cycle of mold production and management in-house: everything from design to manufacturing, maintenance, and injection molding. We are able to complete all cycles—identifying issues, examining and implementing solutions, and evaluating results—in-house, even if we come up against new challenges and issues during production. That’s why you can trust us to produce high-quality products.
In October 2017, MSD Investments Ltd., a joint venture between Mitsui & Co., Ltd., Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, and the Development Bank of Japan Inc., acquired our shares. This has empowered us to steadily push forward with preparations to progress to a new stage.



Supporting Japanese manufacturing with mold design,
manufacturing, and injection molding.
Contributing to the future of the manufacturing industry.


Established in Ikuno Ward, Osaka City
Started full-cycle production of molds right from the design stage
Developed square lithium-ion battery parts
Started producing narrow-pitch connectors
Hirano Plant started operation
Started producing ultrafine connectors
New Hirano Plant completed
Development and installation of automated inspection equipment for molding
Developed round lithium-ion battery parts
Joto Plant started operation


  • 01 Sales and Development Support
  • 02 Designing Mold
  • 03 Manufacturing Molds
  • 04 Injection Molding
  • 05 Quality Inspections

01.Sales and Development Support

First, we conduct hearings with customers to determine their needs. We then discuss these needs with various divisions to decide how to manufacture the product.

02.Designing Molds

Our in-house mold design division allows us to promptly get started on production.
Our mold design makes ample usage of the unique expertise we have accumulated over the years, enabling cost reductions of the product itself.

03.Manufacturing Molds

We manufacture high-functionality, long-life ultra-precision molds.
The permissible range for the accuracy of the main parts is ±1 μ (micron). Fueled by a passion for high accuracy, we create ultra-precision molds.

04.Injection Molding

We can mass-produce high-quality, high-precision products.
We can also handle production of small lots containing diverse product types.

05.Quality Inspections

With a goal of zero customer complaints, we carry out an original four-stage inspection at ESTOH to ensure we meet the high level of quality demanded by our customers.


Extensive Production Record


Ever since our founding, we have striven to carry out the design, manufacture, and injection molding of molds for a diverse range of ultra-precise plastic products in technologically-challenging fields such as ultrafine connectors for using in digital devices and gaskets for lithium-ion batteries used by automobile manufacturers. Our micron-level accuracy is our pride.

Well-Equipped Production System


We deliver high-quality plastic products on-time, even when we receive large orders. This is all thanks to our elaborately planned production based on accumulated data and our 24-hour operation including weekends. We combine our production planning that carefully considers mold equipment specifications, mold maintenance periods, personnel assignment, and order status with a flexible production system that allows us to securely implement this plan. This allows us to ensure stable supplies.

Thorough Quality Management


At ESTOH, our policy on quality is “selling peace of mind to customers.” We carry out a thorough four-stage inspection to meet the level of quality demanded by our customers and provide high-quality products. We have also installed a no-dust room in our plants to prevent contamination. We will continue to strive for high quality to provide safe and reliable products to our customers.

1. Image inspection, 2. Sampling inspection, 3. Visual inspection, 4. Dimensional inspection and strength inspection

Quality Management

We received ISO9001 certification in 2005 and ISO14001 in 2004. Going forward, we will continue to proactively work on quality management initiatives, always striving for even higher standards.
A specific initiative we are working on is acquiring certification of the quality standard IATF16949 that contains the necessary conditions demanded in the automobile industry.

ISO9001 Quality System Registration Certificate
Registration Identification Number:10126367
Date of initial registration:March 9, 2005
ISO9001 Quality System Registration Certificate
Registration Identification Number:10122512
Date of initial registration: July 3, 2004


Head Office Plant

Head Office Plant


  • 3-6-17 Tatsumihigashi, Ikuno-ku,
    Osaka(544-0014), Japan
  • TEL:+(81)-6-6753-3588 FAX:+(81)-6-6753-3587

Hirano Plant

Hirano Plant


  • 4-4-6 Kamikita, Hirano-ku,
    Osaka(547-0001), Japan
  • TEL:+(81)-6-6795-6035 FAX:+(81)-6-6795-6037

Joto Plant

Joto Plant


  • 4-2-29 Imafukunishi, Joto-ku,
    Osaka(536-0004), Japan
  • TEL: +(81)-6-4255-8088 FAX: +(81)-6-4255-8089


The name ESTOH is instilled with the vision of “Taking the Stream of the Epoch
with Originality and Heart” (anticipating the trends of the time with originality and passion).


Privacy Policy

ESTOH Co., Ltd. (hereinafter the “Company”) has established this Privacy Policy in order to systematically ensure appropriate handling of personal information, based on the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (hereinafter “Personal Information Protection Act”).

  1. Basic Policy

    The Company will appropriately handle the personal information of customers, business partners, job applicants, and other entities (hereinafter “Customers”) in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act and other regulations.
  2. Purpose of Use of Personal Information

    The Company will use personal information provided by Customers within the bounds of the following purposes of use in the course of its businesses relating to the manufacturing of molds and the molding of plastic products.
    • a. Responding to inquiries
    • b. Carrying out the confirmation and contact needed to provide products and services ordered
    • c. Market research and development of new products and services
    • d. Making notifications about events such as exhibitions and seminars
    • e. Services sent by e-mail and sending publications, etc.
    • f. Contacting job applicants or
    • g. Carrying out other work related to the business of the Company
  3. Implementation of Safety Measures

    By implementing necessary and appropriate safety measures, the Company will strive to both prevent and rectify leaks, loss, or damage of personal information. For example, the Company uses security technologies (such as encryption via secure sockets layer/transport layer security) in our network systems in order to prevent unauthorized access to, falsification of, and leakage of personal information. In addition, the Company will provide in-house training and awareness promotion activities regarding the handling of personal information as well as monitor employees and contractors that handle personal information as necessary and appropriate.
  4. Disclosure, Revision, Cessation of Usage, Etc. of Personal Information

    If the Company receives a request from a Customer to disclose, revise, stop using, or erase personal information regarding that Customer, the Company will deal with the request as soon as is reasonably possible after having confirmed the identity of the Customer.
  5. Revisions to the Privacy Policy

    The Company may revise this Privacy Policy in order to comply with laws, policies, guidelines, etc. related to the protection of personal information. The Company will notify Customers on its website if this Privacy Policy is revised.
  • Date established: Nov 1, 2019
  • Kenji Nakamura,
  • President and Representative Director,
  • ESTOH Co., Ltd.
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